Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I love my life because I love the people in it. That's really all it comes down to.

I felt kind of deflated all day.

I guess I was just cranky because this week is kicking my ass. And when school tries to destroy me, it's quite natural of me to think that I ought to let it. Who the hell am I? When am I ever going to graduate? I don't really know what I want to do with my life, and I need to get my shit together because I've been in college for quite a while, blah, blah, blah.

But all day long, I was reminded that the people in my life ROCK. And I feel the need to mention a few of them specifically:

A local radio station, 93.9, has been giving away tickets to see Michael Franti and Spearhead in concert and meet the band before the show. Michael Franti just happens to be on the list of people I'd like to high five before I die, so I spent the day trying to win tickets. I found out this evening that quite a few people called the station for me: My mom, Emily, Ben, Amberleigh, AND Amberleigh's mom (who I've never even met). The cool thing? Ben and Amberleigh don't even live in the listening area; Ben's in Saginaw and Amberleigh's in Lake City. But they streamed it online, waited for the DJ to tell them to call in, and gave it a shot. (I didn't win the tickets, but that's beside the point.)

When I got home from class this evening, I saw that I had received a Halloween card in the mail from my good friend Sarah. We attended the Controlled Burn Seminar together, and although we've never lived in the same city, have always done a great job at keeping in touch. In the card, she mentioned that she plans to move to Kentucky soon, and tried to convince me to join her. She knows I'd never go for something like that, so she wrote, "Oh, I know what you're thinking. But Kentucky needs people like us. We could go there and raise hell; there isn't a single Planned Parenthood within an hour of Bowling Green."

On Facebook, I found a status that one of my friends had posted: "Can anyone give me a good reason to go to college?"

Someone who used to teach English at SVSU left a comment: "Because you will meet some very cool people there. And if you take the right classes, you will learn something and find your passion."

I "liked" her comment and she added, "The funny thing was that I was going to say 'people like Amelia Glebocki.'"

Well, shucks.

Just after I read that, a former roommate of mine (with whom I'm not particularly close), sent me a Facebook message to let me know that she thinks of me every Tuesday night while she's in class, because the class she's taking is called "Teaching the Art of Writing." And writing has always been my thing.

That was nice to hear. I needed that to remind me that I'm not as aimless as I feel. I love deeply--so deeply, in fact, that people who don't even consider themselves close friends of mine can't help but think of me whenever they find themselves in certain situations. Maybe that means I'm obnoxiously vocal about what I think/feel. Or maybe in a more positive light, it just means I'm passionate, intense. And with how much I've questioned myself in the past year or so, it's nice to know I still have that in me, and that I'm surrounded by people who have that in them too.

I freaking love you people. Sorry if I don't tell you that enough.


  1. Amelia, my lovely little green clothed feminist, you're a wonderful person that's incredible fun to be around even if it's long distance. (via Facebook, for example). It shouldn't surprise you that you attract great people, or are memorable to those you hold dear and even those that you didn't get to know as well. You make such a vivid impact on people with your talent, your beliefs and your personality. Aaannnddd your adorable outfits. ;) You've got this great energy and you're comfortable. That sounds strange, but it's just so gosh darn easy to like you. Even if you don't run around slapping heart-shaped stickers on peoples foreheads all the time, I think it's alright because you just genuinely make people feel loved, appreciated.

    You know what's really nice? You are intense, you are passionate... but you're able to hold onto friendships. Sometimes you remind me of a friend I had a few years ago. She was very intense and passionate and spirited, and too often it was to her own detriment. You couldn't really count on her. She dropped people as if they were pennies and one day I stopped by her house and it was empty. Never in one place for long. Never loyal for long, I guess.

    So I'm grateful that I've known you this long. I stand by my comparison to glitter. You leave so many sparkly bits in people's lives with all those shiny facets of you. Sometimes aimless has more direction than you feel, just gotta hang in there and see how the dots connect.

  2. I know the feeling - when so many little things add up and you feel as though you're bursting with life thanks to the love of your friends. It is so important to have people that love you, no matter how close you are to them! Being noticed, mattering - it should never be underestimated. I'm so glad you're loving life right now :D

  3. A: I've met a lot of people like that--intense and wonderful, but flaky. A lot of the people I've loved most have been like that, actually. I guess I find their personalities fascinating, because in ways I'm so similar to them, and yet so different. And I can relate to showing up to someone's house to find it empty. It hurt a lot, but I guess I wasn't surprised. So thanks for telling me that I'm good at holding onto friendships. It's something I put a lot of effort into, actually. :-) Good to know it's working.

    MG: I hope you feel this way too.