Tuesday, April 26, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

Your current relationship. If single, explain how single life is.

As Kate Nash put it in her song, "Merry Happy,"

I can be alone, yeah.
I can watch the sunset on my own.

I'm single. Sometimes I think that I'd like to be in a relationship. But I've never been the type of person who feels as though she "needs" to be in a relationship in order to feel whole. One, after all, is a whole number.

That doesn't mean that I'm not open to the idea, though. And actually, I do happen to have a giant, ridiculous crush on someone. ;) But I moved in with my parents about a year ago. And I automatically assume that no one wants to date someone who's living in suburbia with Mom and Dad. Maybe I'm wrong and not very brave?

My friend Rose gave me some really great advice recently. We were talking about friendship, but I think this applies to all relationships, so I'll share it here. We were talking about the times we've been let down or hurt by people who were very close to us. Rose pointed out that our instinct, then, is to protect ourselves from getting hurt again by refusing to trust anyone.

But because she knows that she has already experienced the worst that can happen, she figures she can handle it, and that it's worth it. So, she told me, "If I find someone beautiful, I just go for it."

I like that. I might even like that enough to act on it.

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  1. I was joyfully, gloriously single for many years. Now I'm extremely happily married. Both these states of being can be really fantastic if a person lives them because this is what s/he wants and not because of external pressures.

    I think what your friend Rose said is very profound.