Friday, May 13, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 17


It's not my fault that I got behind on the Blog Challenge. Blogger's been down for the past couple of days; people could still read posts as usual, but nobody could update!

So, I took a blissfully unexpected break from blogging and got some reading done. For the record, I'm currently halfway through _On Beauty_ by Zadie Smith; it's holding my attention, but isn't nearly as good as _White Teeth_.

Now, without further ado...

Your highs and lows of this past year.

This is hard to write about, because a lot of the -low- moments of the past year are really personal. Even though I have a blog and tend to overshare on FB/Twitter, I do actually have a sense of when I ought to keep my mouth shut.

So, let's settle for a purposely cryptic list:

The highs:
  • transferring: I felt incredibly hopeful about everything
  • coming out as a lesbian to my family: it was exhausting, but worked out in the end
  • knowing that I have really wonderful friends, even if they live far away
  • babysitting: I love the girls I babysit
The lows:
  • the not-so-great aspects of coming out
  • getting punched in the face by someone who really shouldn't have punched me in the face
  • feeling like a giant piece of existential fail
  • living in Grosse Pointe
  • loneliness
  • babysitting: Even though I love the kids, that shit is hard work
See what I mean? Purposely cryptic. Suffice it to say that I was really hopeful about a lot of things that didn't turn out. But it's okay, because I was also rather pessimistic about the things that did turn out. Such is life.

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