Wednesday, May 18, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 23

Give pictures of 5 people who are famous who you find attractive.

(I changed "guys" to "people" because I hate that the Blog Challenge assumes its only challengers are heterosexual females.)

Also, I'm not posting pictures because I am technologically inept and posting more than one photo per blog entry apparently causes more headaches than I'd like to deal with.

So. Celebrity crushes, in no particular order:

1) Adele. Her voice is so very sexy.

2) Tracy Chapman, which, if you know me, should not surprise you. I think she's so beautiful. (Alice Walker thinks so, too! When I found out about the romance that went on between the two of them, my intellect was like, "Whoa, that is the hottest thing I've ever heard.") I've never gotten over it, and doubt I ever will.

3) And then there's that one guy I'd go straight for. I've had a crush on Taye Diggs since I was like fifteen years old. Ho hum.

4) His wife, Idina Menzel, is pretty hot, too. :)

5) And lastly, Tori Amos. Because she's Tori Amos.

Honorable mentions include Regina Spektor, Emiliana Torrini, and Sinead O'Connor. And I have a giant intellectual crush on June Jordan, too. Watch the documentary "A Place of Rage," and you'll understand why this is.


  1. I would so do this prompt if it were on my challenge! I love it. Maybe I'll do it after my blog challenge is over with. :)

    I knew Adele would be on the top of your list before I even got to the list.


  2. You know me well, Sarah.

    I am curious to know who would be on your list. :)

  3. Someone is missing from that list! You know who. :)