Friday, June 24, 2011

So apparently, Planned Parenthood "preys on women."


I cracked open a beer and turned on the TV after work this evening and that's what a woman quoted for this news story was saying. If you watch the accompanying video, you can hear it for yourself, but in case you don't feel like sitting through the commercial they'll make you watch before the video starts, here it is: "We are also very near colleges, universities, and high schools, where the women they will prey upon are not fully understanding what's happening here at this site."

Her name is Brenda Savage, and she's a spokesperson for Right to Life, so maybe I should expect as much from someone like her. But even the story itself was biased; Savage's comment was untrue, offensive, and should have been edited out.

As for the issue at hand: Really, Comfort Suites? You sell your building to Planned Parenthood of all organizations and then get pissed off when you realize that the facility will be used to provide abortions? Isn't it kind of common knowledge that abortion is one of the many services provided by Planned Parenthood?

Please let me be frank for a second: I'm really fucking sick of this shit. I'm pro-choice, proud of it, and do not understand why an organization that helps women as much as Planned Parenthood has been forced to put up with so much anti-choice whining since the last election.

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