Monday, March 8, 2010


Recently I got together with a friend of mine from the Controlled Burn Seminar. He's originally from Bay City but attends U of M, so lives in Ann Arbor. Since he was on spring break last week, he came back to his hometown and because I happen to live close to Bay City, we got together to catch up on things.

We found ourselves talking about the friends we'd made at the seminar, and what they're up to now. At one point I mentioned that one of our mutual friends had come out as a lesbian. His response? "What a shame. She's too hot for that."

You can't make this shit up.

And it's everywhere.

I regularly attend a monthly arts event in Bay City. It's referred to as the Spoken Word, Music & Open Mic, and until recently, was held at a local coffee shop. Last month, a featured poet explored topics of homosexuality and sexual assault, and the following day, the owner of the coffee shop posted a note to his Facebook page about how he thought her work was "inappropriate" and should not have been shared in a public venue because of its "offensive" subject matter.

When I told my mom about what had happened, she surprised & upset me by siding with the owner of the coffee shop because, as she put it, she's "getting tired of the gay thing" and wishes they'd "stop being so damned vocal about it."

Well, fine. But if you expect homosexuals to shut up and keep to themselves, could you at the very least keep your bigotry to yourself too?

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