Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crazy, crazy. We're all crazy.

It's the week before finals, but oddly, I don't feel too out of whack. I mean, I'm stressed. But I'm not overwhelmed.

This semester's issue of Cardinal Sins was released to the pubic on Monday. The night before the post-publication reception, I realized that even though it's the most exasperating thing I've ever done, I really will miss being editor-in-chief. A sign I've grown? I like to think so.

Another reason I'm not as stressed out as everyone else is right now: Last semester, I was a mess. Every week felt like the week before final exams. I'm calmer now; things are back in perspective. I've spent the winter semester getting my ducks in a row. Apologizing constantly for what's over & done. If you freak out, you're not supposed to show it.

Right now I'm reading _My Sister, My Love_ by Joyce Carol Oates. It satirizes social climbing parents in affluent suburbs. And I grew up in Grosse Pointe, so I think it's hilarious & brilliant.

The thing about JCO: Her characters are all so friggin' bizarre. And yet, she writes so well and so honestly about people. I think we're all a whole lot crazier than we let on.

Guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself for being honest.

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