Sunday, April 4, 2010

If you're going to be a bigot, I'm going to be a "spaz."

My sister has this bad habit of saying "you're so gay" when she means to refer to something as "dumb." She uses the n-word with alarming regularity. And today I said something to which she responded, "You're such a Jew."

I always call her out on it. And her response is always the same: "Stop being such a spaz."

This morning our parents were sitting there with us when I called her out on it. Paige again told me to "stop spazzing." I went on about how I was quite serious, and wouldn't have bothered to call her out had I not found the comment offensive.

My parents then told me to stop overreacting, because it's "just a phrase" that doesn't mean anything.

Well, cool. If it's just a phrase without meaning, could you remove it from your vocabulary, then? Because it obviously won't be missed.

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