Friday, May 6, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 11

Put your iPod on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that pop up.

"Halfway Around the World" by Chantal Kreviazuk

"A Theory" by Tracy Chapman

"He Won't Go" by Adele

"Half of You" by Cat Power

"Just Dance" by Lady GaGa

"Right as Rain" by Adele

"I Want to Sing" by Regina Spektor

"Lovegame" by Lady GaGa

"I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got" by Sinead O'Connor

"If Not Now..." by Tracy Chapman


Maybe this isn't the best representation of all the music that's in my library. But it's a pretty accurate representation of what I've been listening to recently. I always listen to Tracy Chapman alotalotalot. And lately, I've been listening to tons of Adele. And I'm convinced that everyone listens to Lady GaGa all the damned time, whether or not they admit it. :)

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