Saturday, May 7, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 12

Bullet your whole day.

Friday, May 6, 2011

(Of course, catch me on a day when I'm not enrolled in classes and don't have to babysit.)
  • woke up just before 9
  • went downstairs to make coffee/feed the cat
  • read for a while (while drinking the coffee I made, natch)
  • played on the Internet
  • received a text message from my friend Victoria, asking if I'd like to get together for dinner/drinks once she got off work at 8:15
  • replied to that text message with "yes"
  • took a shower
  • did boring, responsible things like 3 loads of laundry, Swiffering the floor, and cleaning the bathroom
  • ate some peach-flavored yogurt and a Nutri Grain bar
  • read some more
  • did the dishes
  • read
  • decided that I needed a change of scenery, so went to Caribou Coffee by Victoria's work to wait for her
  • finished reading _White Teeth_ by Zadie Smith (A+)
  • got really excited when I heard an Adele song playing in the coffee shop
  • ran into someone I knew from high school and exchanged awkward pleasantries
  • went outside to read some more (_When We Were Saints_ by Han Nolan) because it was warm outside and had stopped raining
  • marveled at very large dogs walking with their owners
  • met up with Victoria and her friend Ben
  • went to Victoria's so she could change out of her work clothes; wound up watching "Sexy Gay Friend" videos online for half an hour
  • drove to a 24-hour diner in St. Clair Shores because my uterus demands such foods once per month, if you catch my drift
  • ate $14 worth of cheap diner food, wondered why my bill was so high, then remembered that I'd only eaten some yogurt and a Nutri Grain bar thus far that day
  • went to a nearby bar but left after the first drink because the music was too loud and we're old and boring
  • went to another bar, where Victoria was disappointed because they no longer had her favorite beer
  • went to another bar, where Ben and Victoria got drunk
  • I stayed sober because I'm boring (and had to drive)
  • we played pool
  • the bar closed, so we went home
  • went to bed around 3:30 a.m.

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