Wednesday, May 25, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 30

Your highs and lows of the past month.

I haven't been in school at all since I began the blog challenge, so stress has been minimal, as has social interaction. Therefore, the highs haven't been very high and the lows haven't been terribly low.

But anyway:

The highs:
  • having time off (which means having time to read for fun!)
  • warm weather, which allows for early morning bike rides
  • going to the DIA and Greektown with my friend Toni
  • sending/receiving snail mail from friends
  • ditto FB messages: I've gotten some really kind ones lately
The lows:
  • sinus infection
  • not being able to snag Adele tickets before her concert in Royal Oak, MI on 5/23
  • missing friends in faraway places
  • getting punched in the face by an angry drunk person
  • working on Thursday & Friday nights, which means missing poetry readings
Guess that's all? Bye, blog challenge. It's been good.

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